Europe Quality Seal

  1. Commitment that each part of the production and marketing chain obtains fair margins.
  2. Commitment that investments in quality and promotion are made in the long term, with a minimum return of 25 years.
  3. Commitments to the environment have been respected in the production phase.
  4. Commitment that the ecological footprint by volume and weight transported has had the minimum impact on the markets of origin and destination.
  5. Commitment that the national market culture has been respected and valued, and most of the wealth has been created in the market.
  6. Commitment that people whose image is used in advertising fulfill their expected integrity.
  7. Commitment that foreign people who come to offer the market conduct themselves with delicacy and ethical values ​​in business and in their personal conduct.
  8. Commitment that the modes of production have been carried out in accordance with customer requirements.

«Society is a contract between those who live, those who have already died and those who are yet to be born» (Edmund Burke).
Xose Carlos Morell studied in Navarra and Santiago de Compostela among other subjects, Philosophy, History and Linguistics. Educator of youth, and worker in a cement company where he also learned something about wines…

Formed at the school of thought of personalism and comunitarism philosophy. Our inspiration is the Way of Santiago. From the Euro Galicia – Portugal region and in China, we share the goods of the land and work with our colleagues on the Silk Road.