Rus & Sandra

In modern Europe and modern China, young girls shine with their own talent, which is reflected in thriving businesses. In them and their businesses, both peoples congratulate each other because their brilliant future, and they embrace each other.





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Kings, Queens and Realms in today’s Europe

The King or Queen in the Middle Ages was in each European kingdom the guarantee about the ancient legal order and about the ethical values and rights that Christianity represented.

In modern Republics and States (inside and outside the EU) instead of a person or family, it is communities who take care of traditions, nations and religions.

Some European States maintain non-functional monarchies as a tradition, (such as the United Kingdom), or in order to unite different communities within a single state (such as Belgium).


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Fuentegalana after hurricane

The sun and moon are the windows of his house.
Lao Tzŭ. 6th Century a. D.

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Let´s celebrate Mencius

On 1st Oct. Year 331 B.C….

Alexander Magnus won the battle of Gaugamela, near Mosul. From then, the people of Europe was free for starting its cultural development.
Mencius, disciple of Confucius said: “The people are of the highest importance; the gods come second; the sovereign is of lesser weight.”

Wine: Pilgrim

Grape: Mencia

DO: Bierzo






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Contratulations to both of you

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European peoples shake hands at Final Worldcup

Europe_hands final worldcup

Europe and european peoples shakehands for final worldcup

The two European hands, east and west, will be shaken at the final of the World Cup. Two brother nations sharing the spiritual values that built our culture.

Com ambas duas mãos europeias, leste e oeste se vão cumprimentar na final da Copa do Mundo. Dois irmãos nos valores espirituais que construíram a nossa cultura.

Las dos manos de Europa, del este y el oeste, se darán en la final de la Copa del mundo. Dos países hermanos en los valores espirituales que construyeron nuestra cultura.



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  XIV concurso nacionalLabel of Coronation of King AFONSO VII in SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, GALICIA got the GOLDEN MEDAL in XIV PRINTING WINE LABELS CONTEST OF SPAIN 2018. This award is given by ATEF (Asociacion Técnica Española de Flexografía).

The label tells the coronation of AFONSO RAIMUNDEZ as king of Galicia, in Santiago de Compostela, on year 1111. Afonso VII became also king of Leon and Castille, “Imperador Totius Hispaniae”. He later shared with Aragon half of Navarra kingdom. Most or the areas and places where our wines come from are here represented.

Picture was taken from the private art collection of Xosé Carlos Morell (Galician Heritage) as a jewel that representats the diversity of Way of Santiago Wines. The photography was made by professional study RAQUEL LATORRE and printed by CODIMARC.


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Interwine. Guangzhou 2018

cartaz Ping An 2

Our winery group will attend from 18th to 20th May Interwine Fair in Guangzhou. Our booth number will be placed in  in ICEX Area A (A4) 92A04D.

We will introduce our new wines and vintages with the special presentation of N de Navardia, our Rioja wine of Bodegas Bagordi.

See you there!



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Interwine Guangzhou May 2018: Selection of new Partners


Our Winery Group will attend to Interwine Guangzhou Fair, on May 2018.

We are selecting 2 Spanish and 4 Portuguese wineries for this event and for partnership:

Our conditions for participation:

Promocion Feria Interwine

More information about our stand:



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