America declines. An opportunity for Europe.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Bolsonaro, Presidents of USA and Brasil

It seems clear that due to the trade war that the US has imposed, and the political destabilization of Hong Kong, European companies must value more than ever the security of their exports and stable relations with China.
Political relations are based on the establishment of a climate of trust, on which there may be a framework of rules in which agreements are negotiated. To get trade agreements in China, you need the patience that the current American administration does not have. This is implemented by Mr. Trump with a rude and childish tone that amazes not only diplomacy professionals.
This tone of the new big children is applauded in the American populist democracies, who want easy-administration and do not convey complexities to them. More than geostrategic maneuvers from America, we are facing the decline of the so-called New World. In it, Europe has the opportunity to strengthen its old ties with Asia in a win-win relationship.

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