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Let’s follow the stars …

Santiago Winery is a company formed by several shareholders and wineries, which are partners in a project in the medium and long term. The wineries have in our company their exclusive representative for some of their labels in China.

Wineries are located on the Ways of Santiago, which pilgrims traveled in the Middle Ages, following the stars, westbound to the Finis-Terrae (the end of the earth), and nowadays forms the cultural network of Europe.

The values about the life that were maintained by the ancient pilgrims when they walked  towards Santiago are also ours for business: honestity creates confidence and mutual respect between different peoples. This is the main element. Not power nor weapons.

Therefore, our company works under the legal and banking systems of China and the European Union. It is indeed subject to bilateral agreements on transparency and good practices within the World Trade Organization. Under this peace of mind, we can understand and make understand that job of export management is really complex, and it is based on reliability, calm, peace, and serenity.

The management and head office of Morell Wines in the EU is located in the Luso Galaico Building, in the euro-city of Valença do Minho, and our office for management of distributions and communications is located in Barcelona.

But our company’s main head office is placed in China, in Hong Kong. From there, we manage the logistics and commercial promotions, along with the wineries.

Morell Wines Hong Kong orders around 70,000 boxes per year of wine, which are shipped in the ports of the Mediterranean sea (Valencia – Barcelona) and the Atlantic ocean (Oporto – Leixões) coming from the network of European wineries of the Ways of Santiago.

Faced with the concentration of the wine market, we support the medium family wineries, which are Europe’s food production network. The European Union encourages this production model fiscally, and we carry out a mixed financing of the winery’s own resources. Morell Wines Hong Kong proposes every year promotions program to each partner-winery. We offer a 25% to 50% financing for investment projects, which means for wineries a complementary contribution, sometimes complete, in own resources, in order to obtain EU support.

Valença do Minho. Portugal

Main office entrance in Hong Kong