Navardia Reserva. Coronation

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“Navardia” is the name of the Rioja Wine from Rioja Navarra. The more exclusive sub-area of Rioja wines: land of Kings, Queens, Ladies and Lords, where the Ebro River finishes this grape area.

Label shows Coronation of Afonso VII as King of Galicia in the Cathedral of Santiago on year 1111, and was taken from the private art collection of Xosé Carlos Morell (Galician Heritage) as a jewel that representats the diversity of Way of Santiago Wines.

On year 1111 Afonso VII being a child 8 years old was crown by Bishop Gelmirez in Santiago de Compostela. That city was Capital of the Kingdom of Galicia. It was also the destination of the Way which crossed the north of Spain from Navarre. Afonso VII became also king of Leon and Castille, “Imperador Totius Hispaniae”. He later shared with Aragon half of Navarra kingdom. Most or the areas and places where our wines come from are here represented.

Wine making

Navardia Reserva. Its a selection of Reserva wine from Bodegas Bagordi from 70% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha and 10% Merlot. It has 14% degrees alcohol.
It was aged during 18 months in American and French oak and 2 years in the bottle.

Wine tasting

Appearance: medium bodied deep, cherry red, wine that clear and bright.
Bouquet: a deep, elegant, aroma of ripe red fruit against a background of spices, cloves and black pepper. The gentle hint of wood works harmonises welly with the expressiveness of the Garnacha grape.
Tasting; well-structured and rounded. The soft tannins ensure a certain unctuousness in the wine. The aftertaste offers hints of mineral and fruit, which are also present in the nose.
Ideal serving temperature 18 – 19 degrees C.
Note: Some sediment may form over the passage of time. This is of no consequence.


Silver Medal – Concours Internacional Grenaches du Monde 2013
Silver Medal – London International Wine Challenge (Great Britain) 2002
Silver Medal – Concours Mondial Bruxelles (Belgium) 2002
Silver Medal – London International Wine Challenge (Great Britain) 2001
Silver Medal – Mundusvini Gran Premio Internacional del vino (Germany) 2001


Bodegas Bagordi

Bodegas Bagordi