Navarra Crianza Terra de Xoana (Private Selection)


Story of the wine

On 1317, Joana II was the legitimate heir of the Kingdom of Navarre and of France. But she was excluded from the succession by France because of her status as a woman.
In 1328 Navarre call her to be crowned as Queen. She left her people be ruled and prosper itself , leaving finally France to have another different State. Navarre was the gateway of the rest of Europe to the Peninsula through the Way of Santiago.
For this reason, Xose Carlos Morell has chosen her name as a tribute to dignity of women and peoples, and as bond of union amogst lands of the Way of Santiago: from Galicia to beloved and blessed Navarra, which gives the best fruits for those exceptional wines.

Wine making

In 2014, there were special conditions that made get a more selected harvest. This fact mades that the production of this wine combines two grape varieties (50% Tempranillo, 50% Merlot) providing each character. The maceration-fermentation was developed independently to proceed to the assembly just before the twelve months aging in American oak casks.

Wine tasting

Cherry red, bright and well covered. Noted for an elegant aromatic intensity and complexity cleaning, highlighting balsamic notes, ripe fruit, licorice and toasted great finesse from the casks. In the mouth its presents aromatic complexity and harmony.