Our mission

Our mission is to value and reconcile the interests of the parties involved in the international business from a dialogic and constructive point of view.

  • PRODUCERS get to position their BRANDS in the MARKET so that in the medium term they can distribute their PRODUCTS in a profitable and sustainable way, and in the long term increase their corporate value.
  • IMPORTERS invest in tangible and intangible ASSETS that are sustainably profitable in the MARKET.


  • We work in MARKETS that offer ample capacity for growth.
  • The national and European framework of our PRODUCERS promotes the internationalization of SMEs.
  • We contribute after studying financing for investments in PRODUCTS and BRANDS.
  • We negotiate with the IMPORTERS discreetly, and with the collaboration and commercial loyalty of the PRODUCER.
  • We mediate with IMPORTERS and PRODUCERS who are responsible for approving each operation proposal based on their own interests.
  • Our IMPORTERS and PRODUCERS assume their public and private commitments, and act in good faith, willing to cooperate and not to impose their interests.