Our business proposal

Before you want to know how much you are going to sell, or to send an interesting offer, you have to know (and we also, if you want our help)

What is your commitment to the market?

  • Investment in the TM registry quantified in euros.
  • Investment in transportation to destination of samples of the PRODUCT quantified in euros.
  • Investment in free samples of PRODUCT quantified in units.

Please do not quantify in percentage on sales if you have not yet started selling.

If you don’t know how much those things cost, please ask us.

If you don’t have money or don’t want to invest before you win, we can lend it to you. But we do not accept barter or product payments. For transport it is overweight and for customs registration personnel a bribe.

If the answer is «it depends …» on the sales expectations, the ministry of industry and commerce of your country can inform you.

Once these three issues have been defined, in order to build an offer of your PRODUCT we must make.

1. Evaluation of the current profitability of the PRODUCT. To do this, apply this template. To help you orient the price, please visit the local supermarkets and consider that nobody in the MARKET has still been able to verify that your PRODUCT is of great quality.

2. Evaluation of the ability to request and manage internationalization programs. To work in the international market, unlike in the local market, we must minimize communications and meetings. Therefore we have to agree first what we are going to do, and the financing:

  • Own funds
  • Public funds
  • Funding requested from Morell Wines.

If you need a proposal, please ask us.