Señorio de Beade

Señorio de Beade

BeadeBlancoStory of the wine

Saint Xoan of Jerusalem (one of the Templar religious Orders) during the Middle Age, exercised a lordly domain over the former parishioners of Beade, in Ribeiro area, current province of Ourense. Templars, half monks, half warriors, exerced in that age an important influence fighting against muslimns.

In the 18th century the Señorio of Beade,became the most important in Galicia. During the War of Independence, Beade was plundered by the French (1809), and later, in 1823, by Spanish troops.

Señorio de Beade is a good representative of the historical importance of Ribeiro for Galician wine culture.

Wine making

Señorío de Beade was elaborated from an exhaustive selection of Treixadura, Godello and Torrontes grapes, in 10 hectareas plots, which was harvested manually. The must obtained in the press, is subjected to a slight static racking and then fermented in stainless steel tanks, at low temperature, to maintain the varietal aroma and intensify the fermentative aroma, keeping an alcohol by volume of 11,5%.

Wine tasting

It is of a pale straw-colored yellow with greenish reflections. In the nose, fine nuances of high intensity appears with notes of fleshy fruit , raw almond and hints of fine herbs, fennel and flowers are appreciated. It is very rich in mineral and variety expression. In the mouth, it is balanced, with a good acidity that gives it its freshness. Fruity feeling in retronasal breathing.

Due to its fruity notes and freshness in the mouth, it combines well with fresh, steamed or grilled vegetables, asparaguses, artichokes and aubergines etc. This wine also works well with fresh egg pasta made with creamy sauce and Parmesan cheese. Being a dry white wine, it is a fine accompaniment to shellfish, white fish and slightly spiced dishes.