Albariño Terra de Xoana

Terra de Xoana. Private Selection

botella tx albariñoStory of the wine

Label means “Property of Xoana”, the last Queen of Galicia before the wicked Isabel of Castilla tamed and dominated our country. Queen Xoana will be forever in our hearts, and this wine is the fruit of good earth and well done work. Its destinity, as Queen Xoana, is not the domination, but the love of those who know appreciate it.

Wine making 

For the private selection of Xose Carlos Morell, he awaits for early shoots after years of winters with abundant rains. For making this wine, period during the flowering period also must be dry, leading to dense clusters. Sunny August and September, with occasional rains, gave a well matured grape with optimum balance.

From fully mature grapes, in their ideal state, exclusively taken from the sub-area of the Condado do Tea, following meticulous pressing, an excellent quality must is obtained. Alcohol is fermented in stainless steel tanks, at a controlled temperature of 18ºC; once fermented, all wines are decanted to separate out the dregs and to “rack” the various deposits. The wine is then stabilized by cooling, is filtered and bottled, first being sent through an amicrobic filter to ensure that the wine is perfectly preserved in the bottle.

Wine tasting

Clear, brilliant wine, straw yellow coloured with green nuances. An intense aroma in the nose, perfectly combining the fruity and floral notes, particularly apple and stoned fruit (apricot). Freshness on the palate typical of Albariño, with a touch of acidity perfectly balanced with the structure and body of this wine. Meaty, sweet with a glyceric finish.