Toros de Guisando. Coupage

History in the wine

The Toros de Guisando, in Ávila, Castilla, is a granite monument made by the “vetón” celtic people, brother of the Lusitanians, and dated in the 4th century BC. There took place a thousand years later the Treaty by which Isabel promised her uncle, King Henry of Castilla, Leon and Galicia that if she became Queen would not marry his enemy, King Ferdinand of Aragon. But Ferdinand offered her marriage, a temptation for some Castilian nobles, because possessions of Aragon in the Mediterranean Sea. They made Isabel to break promise with her father.
According to the Treaty, that impious wedding legitimized Xoana, daughter of Henry, as Queen. But those ambitious Castilian nobles rose against her  in a bloody civil war. The final defeat of Xoana turned Spain a Castilian-Aragonese Mediterranean State, abandoning Castilla forever the beautiful Atlantic common project that Portugal offered her.


The two varieties Syrah (75%) and Tempranillo (25%) were harvested from the end of September to mid-October in the Fuentegalana vineyard, at 720m altitude, with 30 and 10 year old vines. The soils are granitic with degraded sands on the surface.
The harvest and selection of grapes is done by hand. The must is incubated in concrete and stainless steel tanks. Cold pre-fermentation for 3 days and fermentation at no more than 25ºC for 10 days. We leave the wine with the skins for 10 days and discover by tasting and pressing in a manual press. The malolactic fermentation takes place in the 225L used barrels: French 80%, American 20%, where the wine ages for 12 months. Both varieties ferment and age separately, not mixing until bottling in September.

Tasting notes

Visual: Deep Ruby.
Intensity in the nose pronounced with character of black and red fruit (more black than red) and oak, vanilla, sweet spices and some tertiary aromas.
In the mouth, moderate acidity, mature tannins in high level, high body, pronounced aromas as in the mouth and long finish.

Bodega Fuente Galana