Xose C Morell

Author of numerous initiatives and publications, or his main legacy has been to be spokes-person of the Valentim Paz Andrade Popular Legislative Initiative, whose approval was unanimous by of the Parliament of Galicia (13-05-2013) gave way to the Law, which was also unanimously approved , paving the way for the inclusion of the Portuguese language in Galicia with its historical and international ortography.

Boards of directors and working groups of which it is part:

Ed. Galaxia S.A.
Reference of editions in Galicia own language and symbol of European and Galician values since 1950.

Founded by Xulio Rios, Spain’s foremost synologist for the projection of Galicia in the world.

Pro Academia Galega da Língua Portuguesa
One of the different academies of the Portuguese language, which shows the plurality of an extensive and useful language.

Fundação Isla Couto
Institution that promotes the creation and development in the consciousness of community and freedom of the human being in front of immanentism.

He also participates in personal in those companies:

MosMorell SL Galicia. Spain.
Dragon Vocation Lda. Eurocity Valença do Minho. Portugal.
Santiago Winery Ltd. Hong Kong. China.

And also a visiting professor at the following universities.

Santiago de Compostela. Spain.
Universidade de Vigo. Spain.
Universidade de Macau. China.

IGAPE. Xunta da Galiza (Galician Antonomous Government)

Export Manager. Galician companies can benefit from our services with tax benefits.